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Everyone has a right to some privacy. And you have a right to know what kind of information we are collecting here, and how we use it. Scroll down to find out what kind of information we may collect from you and where it's used.

Privacy Policy

What information we collect

"User Personal Information" is any information about one of our Users which could, alone or together with other information, personally identify them or otherwise be reasonably linked or connected with them. Information such as a username and password, an email address, a real name, an Internet protocol (IP) address, and a photograph are examples of “User Personal Information.”

User Personal Information does not include aggregated, non-personally identifying information that does not identify a User or cannot otherwise be reasonably linked or connected with them. We may use such aggregated, non-personally identifying information for research purposes and to operate, analyze, improve, and optimize our Website and Service.

Information users provide directly to the Site
Usage Information

If you're accessing our Service or Website, we automatically collect the same basic information that most services collect, subject, where necessary, to your consent. This includes information about how you use the Service, such as the pages you view, the referring site, your IP address and session information, and the date and time of each request. This is information we collect from every visitor to the Website.

Cookies and Similar Technologies Information

As further described below, and subject, where applicable, to your consent, we automatically collect information from cookies and similar technologies (such as cookie ID and settings) to keep you logged in, to remember your preferences, and to identify you and your device. These cookies may be stored on your computer or device, especially if you play one of the javascript games available on the Website.

Device Information

We may collect certain information about your device, such as its IP address, browser or client application information, language preference, operating system and application version, device type and ID, and device model and manufacturer.

Information collected from third party sites

Links to obtain products and service outside the domain will be subject to controls on those sites, and information will be collected by them according to their own Privacy Policies.

What information this Website does not collect

We do not intentionally collect “Sensitive Personal Information”, such as personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, and the processing of genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person, data concerning health or data concerning a natural person’s sex life or sexual orientation. If you choose to store any Sensitive Personal Information on our servers, you are responsible for complying with any regulatory controls regarding that data.

Information pertaining to Minors

If you are a child under the age of 13, your use of this site must be approved by and supervised by a parent or legal guardian. This site does not knowingly collect information from or direct any of our content specifically to children under 13. Different countries may have different minimum age limits, and if you are below the minimum age for providing consent for data collection in your country, you may not use the Website or Services.

How this Site uses your information

We may use your information for the following purposes:

When playing the games provided on this Site, the Javascript application may store your game information and character stats in a Save Cookie, which is then used if you revisit the site and wish to pick up in the game where you left off. This information may be stored whether you elect to save in a save slot or not.

We use your email address to communicate with you, if you've said that's okay, and only for the reasons you’ve said that’s okay. Please see our section on email communication for more information.

We use User Personal Information to respond to support requests if you report issues with the site.

We may use User Personal Information to invite you to take part in surveys, beta programs, or other research projects, subject, where necessary, to your consent.

We use Usage Information and Device Information to better understand how our visitors use the Site and to improve our Website and Service.

We may use your User Personal Information to comply with our legal obligations, protect our intellectual property, and enforce our Terms of Service.

We limit our use of your User Personal Information to the purposes listed in this Privacy Statement. If we need to use your User Personal Information for other purposes, we will ask your permission first.

Our legal bases for processing information

To the extent that our processing of your User Personal Information is subject to certain international laws (including, but not limited to, the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)), this Website is required to notify you about the legal basis on which we process User Personal Information. This Site processes User Personal Information on the following legal bases:


We rely on your consent to use your User Personal Information under the following circumstances: when you decide to participate in a contest or survey; and for marketing purposes, where applicable. Your participation in these contests or surveys indicates consent.

Legitimate Interests:

Generally, the remainder of the processing of User Personal Information we perform is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interest, for example, for legal compliance purposes, security purposes, or to maintain ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability, and resilience of our systems, Website, and Service.

How we share the information we collect

We may share your Information with third parties under one of the following circumstances:

With service providers

We share User Personal Information with a limited number of service providers who process it on our behalf to provide or improve our Service, and who have agreed to privacy restrictions similar to the ones in our Privacy Statement by signing data protection agreements or making similar commitments. Our service providers perform payment processing, customer support ticketing, network data transmission, security, and other similar services. While we processes all User Personal Information in the United States, our service providers may process data outside of the United States or the European Union.

For security purposes

If you are a member of an Organization, This Site may share your username, Usage Information, and Device Information associated with that Organization with an owner and/or administrator of the Organization who has agreed to the Corporate Terms of Service or applicable customer agreements, to the extent that such information is provided only to investigate or respond to a security incident that affects or compromises the security of that particular Organization.

For legal disclosure
This Site strives for transparency in complying with legal process and legal obligations. Unless prevented from doing so by law or court order, or in rare, exigent circumstances, we make a reasonable effort to notify users of any legally compelled or required disclosure of their information. We may disclose User Personal Information or other information we collect about you to law enforcement if required in response to a valid subpoena, court order, search warrant, a similar government order, or when we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to comply with our legal obligations, to protect our property or rights, or those of third parties or the public at large.

We do not sell your User Personal Information for monetary or other consideration.

Please note: The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) requires businesses to state in their privacy policy whether or not they disclose personal information in exchange for monetary or other valuable consideration. While CCPA only covers California residents, when it goes into effect we will voluntarily extend its core rights for people to control their data to all of our users in the United States, not just those who live in California.


This Site uses cookies to make interactions with our service easy and meaningful. Cookies are small text files that websites often store on computer hard drives or mobile devices of visitors. We use cookies (and similar technologies, like HTML5 localStorage) to remember your preferences, and for Saved Games.

For security purposes, we use cookies to identify a device. By using our Website, you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your computer or device. If you disable your browser or device’s ability to accept these cookies, you may not be able to use the Games and services on this Site.'s global privacy practices

We store and process the information that we collect in the United States in accordance with this Privacy Statement though our service providers may store and process data outside the United States. However, we understand that we have Visitors from different countries and regions with different privacy expectations, and we try to meet those needs even when the United States does not have the same privacy framework as other countries.

How we communicate with you

We use your email address to communicate with you, if you've said that's okay, and only for the reasons you’ve said that’s okay. For example, if you contact our site with a request, we respond to you via email.

Our emails may contain a pixel tag, which is a small, clear image that can tell us whether or not you have opened an email and what your IP address is. We use this pixel tag to make our email more effective for you and to make sure we’re not sending you unwanted email.